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Our extraordinary Central America sampler includes 6 - 2 oz. pouches (each pouch will make 10-12 standard cups of coffee). 

This sampler contains all Fair Trade coffees, Medium roasted, and ground:

1. Mexican Chiapas

2. Guatemala Huehuetenango

3. Honduran San Marcos

4. Costa Rica Tarrazu

5. Panama Boquete

6. Nicaragua Finca Jinotega RFA

1. Mexican Chiapas:

Our Mexican Chiapas is one of the finest Mexican coffees available.  Nice body in the cup, low on acid, with a sweet finish.  Chiapas is a smooth coffee with a slightly nutty natural flavor. The lush forests and high elevation give a unique flavor to this coffee. Chiapas is known amongst coffee lovers as a consistent high quality coffee year after year. 

2. Guatemala Huehuetenango:  (pronounced way-way-ten-ango)

Funny name, great coffee! Our Guatemala Huehuetenango is a single origin coffee, smooth and well balanced, and pleasing to your palette.

The central highlands of Guatemala produce some of the worlds best and most distinctively flavored coffees. With over 3.5 million bags of coffee grown each year, Guatemala is one of the top 10 coffee producing regions in the world. This relatively small country boasts one of the most climatically diverse regions in the world. The soil, rainfall, humidity, altitude and temperature vary enough that seven distinct coffees are produced in Guatemala.

 3. Honduran San Marcos:

  Our Honduran SHG (Shade High Grown) Marcala or San Marcos is grown at an elevation above 4000' in the Copan Mountain region in the Western part of Honduras. We offer this coffee as it is grown at a higher elevation than our SHG Ocotepeque and therefore it grows a little slower. Slow is good! This means that the bean is a little more intense, more full bodied in the cup, and like the Ocotepeque it is low on acid. Honduran San Marcos is one of our favorites and has long been promoted as a good starting point to try when first ordering coffee from us. 

4. Costa Rica Tarrazu

 Our Costa Rica Tarrazu is a private estate Tarrazu that offers exceptionally brisk citrus acidity and a perfectly clean finish!

Although Costa Rica produces a variety of coffees, those that reach American specialty coffee menus usually are very high-grown Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) coffees from regions near the capital of San Jose in the central part of the country: Tarrazu, Heredia, Tres Rios, and Volcan Poas.

Costa Rican coffees are prized for their high notes: bright citrus or berry-like flavors in the acidity, with distinct nut-to-chocolate roast flavors."

5. Panama Boquete:

  Our Panama Boquete is getting rave reviews from our coffee club members.  A very nice bodied coffee with low acidity. Truly the premium coffee exported from Panama. With the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean on both sides of Panama, the growing region is similar to island regions and produces a distinct flavor to the coffee. People who love Hawaiian Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee also love Panama Boquete. The biggest difference is the price, with the Panama Boquete being a lot more reasonable so that you can enjoy it every day.

6. Nicaragua Finca Jinotega RFA:

Region: Central America

Roast: Medium, Dark

This is grown and certified as a Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee.

Variety: Caturra, Catua

Cupping Notes; Cherry, Pecan, Pineapple, Plum, Honey

Nicaragua is in Central America, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, in between Costa Rica and Honduras. Two important mountain ranges go across the country: the Central American Andes (from northwest to southeast) and a volcanic trend (on the western coast). The Managua and Nicaraguan lakes lie in between these mountain ranges. Its tropical climate provides much rain to the orient and a drier condition to the occident (where population is higher).

 Jinotega, one of the biggest regions in the country, is located within an area called ‘The Coffee Triangle', at an altitude of 1,200 meters above  sea level. With valleys and high mountains, Jinotega is about 140 kilometers north from the capital city. The name ‘Jinotega’ comes from the word ‘náhualt’ meaning ‘town of jiñocuabos’. However, because of its usually foggy and template weather, Jinotega is commonly known as "The City of the Clouds."

The proximity to Costa Rica and Honduras means if you like Costa Rican or Honduran Coffees, you have to give the Nicaraguan a try. It's like a marriage between the two, but unique in itself.


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