Brazil: Daterra Estate Masterpiece Franca Natural 12 oz. FREE SHIPPING

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  This wonderful coffee comes from the Daterra farm located in Franca, in the Mogiana region, has always delighted with amazing chocolaty coffees.  This crop from one specific region inside the farm was a surprise with its cup profile.  It comes from a shade grown area, where Red Cataui and Mundo Novo were planted.  It was decided  to let the area grow free for two years, no usage of conventional controls or fertilizers.  Daterra calls this Free-Grown coffee.  The dry fragrance of vanilla and ripe cherries, unfolds into slightly floral notes, with peaches, almonds, and stone fruits as water is poured over the grounds.  Ripe sweet orange, combines with this coffee's lactic acidity and buttery body, to create a pleasant biscuit like character of a beverage.  Grapes, plums and milk chocolate are also present.  The taster finalizes the experience with a sweet long caramelized sugar and chocolate velvety aftertaste.

  This coffee comes from the Daterra Estates Masterpiece Collection which cups at 88+ points!!!  It is a coffee we purchased at auction, limited quantity available.

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