Organic Cafe Cecilia

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Region: South America, Island Oceania

Roast: Medium Dark

  Organic Cafe Cecilia is a signature blend we produce and ship all over the United States. It is a Signature Blend and roast of South American and Indonesian coffee beans. Truly a unique blend that produces a wonderful cup of coffee to be enjoyed any time of day. Smooth, good body in the cup, finishes nicely on your palette and is very low on acid. We recommend this to all our customers. It is an Organic and Fair Trade Signature Blend



This was the surprise of the bunch!  For a medium/dark roast coffee, it was especially light-bodied with hardly any acidity or bitterness at all.  Like most of the others that we reviewed in this batch, it was mildly sweet.  The coffee had hints of nuttiness and some hints of fruit as well.  The coffee also had a very mild and pleasant aftertaste.  It won’t leave you reaching for a drink of water, but rather the next sip of itself.  It’s a toss-up between this blend and the Kao Jai Dark Vienna roast for our favorite.  We have to agree with the Blessed Bean on this coffee: “a wonderful cup of coffee to be enjoyed any time of day.”