Ethiopian Honey Processed Yirgacheffe Koke GR-1 12 oz

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Region: Africa

Producer Koke Cooperative
Country Ethiopia
Region  Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples
Zone Gedeo
District Yirgacheffe
Kebele  Kokie
Farm  Smallholders (under 4 hectares)
Washing Station Hafursa Waro
Altitude 1870 - 1900 masl


Roast: Medium

Cupping Notes: Grape, tangerine, watermelon

This special Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is graded #1, the highest possible grade for coffee!

African Coffees are known as being soulful and earthy. There are a few types of Ethiopian Coffees, with Yirgacheffe and Harrar being the most well known.

Our very limited offering of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Koke Honey Processed Grade One is the best of the best of any African Coffee you can find.

Grade One is a designation reserved for pretty much only perfect beans.  

The Producers - Koke Co-Op

The Koke Co-Op that produces this incredible coffee is a cooperative of just over 1,000 farmers that have plots of land of 4 hectares or smaller each. Their coffees are a result of their dedication to traditional coffee growing methods, and each adds their own passion and care to the final combination. The Koke Co-op was established in 1975 and joined the Yirgacheffe Farmers Cooperative in 2002. 

Honey Process

Honey process actually doesn't involve any honey! It's given the name due to the sweetness that is imparted into the coffee from allowing the beans to dry with their outer layer of coffee cherry in place.

Harvesting is done selectively and by hand. The harvested cherries are then double-handpicked to remove any under or over-ripe ones prior to pulping. The honey processed coffee uses a dedicated pulper which is pre-flushed to avoid any cross-contamination from other lots. After pulping, the coffee - still retaining its sugary mucilage - is moved immediately to specialized raised African beds with a fine netting conducive to mucilage retention as well as maximum airflow.

Shade nets are used to protect against sun damage during the hottest periods of the day. The coffee is carefully raked throughout the day to prevent clumping and over-fermentation, and to ensure a consistent drying process. The honeyed parchment is dried for 9-14 days depending on the ambient conditions, after which it is transported to the dry mill for secondary processing.

This is a very time-consuming process that requires a great deal of care, but the sweet and smooth coffee that results is undeniably worth it!

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Very bright, flavorful coffee. Enjoy it a lot.