Peru San Martin de Pangoa Fair Trade 12 oz.

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 We are offering  this exotic and exceptional Peruvian coffee we purchased at the Grounds for Health Auction whose sole purpose is the raise money to fight cervical cancer in women in the coffee growing regions of the world.  

Cupping notes:  Chocolate, floral and savory notes on the nose.  Chocolate, caramel, citrus, complex and well balanced, with a silky body and bright sweet acidity.  Cupping score 85 points which is in the top 10% of all coffees grown and harvested in the world!!!!

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache, Typica

Producer:  Cooperative Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa

This a washed process coffee, grown at 2200 to 4400 feet above sea level

Like many of our coffees, our Master Roasters brings this roast to a medium roast level, so it does retain its exotic flavor characteristics and natural sugars in the cup.  Try some today for your drinking pleasure.

CAC Pangoa or La Cooperativa Agraria Cafetelera Pangoa Ltda. is a cooperative comprised of small coffee and cacao producers of San Martin de Pangoa and the surrounding areas, in Junin, Peru. We are located in the ‘Central Selva’ region of Peru, to the east of the Andes, bordering on the Peruvian Amazon. Our location and our focus on sustainable, and fair trade farming practices allows us to distribute products of superb quality internationally.

Founded on October 2 of 1977, the CAC Pangoa emerged as a cooperative of merely 50 members. Today the cooperative has over 700 farmer members producing coffee and cacao. What started as a modest organization producing and exporting conventional coffee has developed into a strong and supportive community of farmers and administrators.

Fair Trade and Certified, CAC Pangoa offers a variety of high quality coffee and cacao beans, while supporting a number of development initiatives to improve the quality of life for members and their families.

CAC Pangoa promotes sustainable farming practices to ensure higher quality and healthier final products for both our producers and consumers. Only chemical free fertilizers and pesticides are applied to our coffee and cacao crops to mitigate the health and environmental threats the application of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides poses to our environment and consumers. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture helps us to maintain the integral and fragile ecosystems that surround us in San Martin de Pangoa. Our dedication to these practices helps to preserve and protect our farmers, forests, waterways, and wild animals in the region of Junin.

Our Cooperative and farmer members have initiated and will continue to implement an extensive reforestation project on many of our farms. We hope this project can inspire other reforestation initiatives in the region of Junin, a region that has become vulnerable to significant deforestation as a result of poor land management and the illegal logging industry.