Peru San Martin de Pangoa Fair Trade & Organic 16 oz. FREE SHIPPING

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 Our newest offering is this exotic and exceptional Peruvian coffee we purchased at the May 2018 Grounds for Health Auction whose sole purpose is the raise money to fight cervical cancer in women in the coffee growing regions of the world.  

Cupping notes:  Chocolate, floral and savory notes on the nose.  Chocolate, caramel, citrus, complex and well balanced, with a silky body and bright sweet acidity.  Cupping score 85 points which is in the top 10% of all coffees grown and harvested in the world!!!!

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache, Typica

Producer:  Cooperative Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa

This a washed process coffee, grown at 2200 to 4400 feet above sea level

Like many of our coffees, our Master Roasters brings this roast to a medium roast level, so it does retain its exotic flavor characteristics and natural sugars in the cup.  They some today for your drinking please.

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