Peru: Finca Santa Elena GEISHA 12 oz.

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Region: South America

Roast: Light

  Our Peru: Santa Elena is a true Geisha coffee.  If you have not tried this variety you are missing one golden opportunity.  We originally ordered just a sample which stood out as a great coffee so we  bought all the broker had, as it is that good,  for our coffee club members and now we make a VERY limited offering to you our customers.

Finca Santa Elena was started by David Guizado Centeno's father who migrated from the Apurimac region in the 1960's.  He came with a group of friends to colonize the area of El Palomar in Chanchanmayo, Junin. David's father planted 10 hectares of coffee and they have continued to increase their quality every year over year.  David has a technical degree in Agronomy and has made his life passion producing excellent quality coffee.  

Tasting note:  Lemongrass & Almond,with a delicate body

Altitude:  1650 Meters

Process: Washed