Sumatra Narata Nauli

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  Flavor:  Fig, lemon, and cocoa nibs

  Acidit:  Milk

  Altitude:  1500-1999 meters 

   Narata Nauli means “Beautiful Green” in the local dialect. Not only is the coffee here a beautiful green, but the entire region is as well. Specialty coffee is grown on a mountainous ridge that cuts right through the middle of Northern Sumatra, and the region produces some of the most tantalizing and biggest beans on the island. Hundreds of smallholder farmers work together to grow cherry. They grow both specialty coffee and chili plants on their small farms, alternating rows of the crops in their fields. Picking, pulping, hulling and drying is all done by hand in Northern Sumatra. As everywhere in Indonesia, the coffee here is “Giling Basah” or semi-washed. To create Giling Basah, the coffee parchment is only marginally dried and then stripped from the bean. The still moist green bean is then sun dried for another two to three days before being triple handpicked.