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Region: Central America, South America, Islands Oceania

Roast: Medium, Dark

Cupping Notes: 

 .Cafe Chiaro is a Fair Trade signature roast blend of Central and South American coffees with an Ethiopian coffee. It is medium roasted to just before second crack exhibiting little to no oils on the surface of the bean, but the blend and roast allow the flavors of the different beans and the natural sugars to roast to the surface of the beans for a truly wonderful cup of coffee. Several of our customers use this coffee for a cup of coffee, latte, cappuccino, and espresso cup in their cafes. It is similar to many European roasts and should be considered by those who can not use an oily bean in their espresso machine for the problem of clogging may occur. Roasted and blended for your drinking pleasure. This is one of our favorites…

This was the first of the “Blessed Bean Coffee” labeled coffee that we were sent.  (A Side Note: The names of each Blessed Bean Coffee blend was hand-written on each label.  The handwriting is a nice touch knowing that people are at the heart of this business who really care about this coffee.  It wasn’t just a sticker slapped on without caring and sent out.)  This Medium/Dark roast was surprising.  It was a full-bodied coffee that gave off a syrup-like aroma that was inviting, but unexpected.  The taste of the coffee was mildly sweet, but bold and smoky at the same time.  If a coffee could have moving parts like a pocket watch, that would be this coffee.  Finally, it ended with a slightly nutty aftertaste.

Customer Reviews

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Smooth and Tasty

One of my favorites for Espresso.
Wow, so good. A little smoky, not too bold. Really nice.

Love this coffee!

I like dark roasts but sometimes they taste burnt. This coffee is really deep and great to wake up in the morning and it's always really good. Reminds me of coffee I had when I went to Italy!