About Us

Blessed Bean Coffee began not as a business, but as a curiosity. After selling his previous company and retiring, Robie Leavitt decided to try roasting a little coffee one day. He bought a little home roaster and some green beans, and found that he really enjoyed the whole process. Watching the beans toast and crack, the coffee scented steam rising from the beans, and the finished product.

He roasted some more, and then some more, trying different beans from different countries. He gave some of his roasted coffee to friends and family, and they enjoyed it so much they asked for more. 

Then, one day he realized he liked it so much, he wanted to come out of retirement, buy a small commercial roaster, and go back into business. 

Almost 20 years, several roasters, and a tiny warehouse to a bigger one later, Blessed Bean Coffee now roasts over 100 different coffees from all over the world 5 days a week, shipping globally. And at the roaster, Robie is still the only one doing the roasting, and he still enjoys it just as much as he did many years ago when he first thought of giving it a try. 

Blessed Bean Coffee is a true family-owned and operated small business. Robie and his wife Glendeis co-own the company and work together in the shop 5 days a week. When you receive your order from us, Robie roasted the beans, Glendeis packed them and put the label on the package. And from our family to yours, we truly appreciate your business. We strive to bring you incredible coffees from all over the world, roast them fresh, and deliver them straight to your door. We want to exceed your expectations every time, and help you discover your favorites!