El Salvador Peaberry

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Region:  Central America

Roast: Medium

Cupping Notes: Blueberry, raspberry, honey, milk chocolate

Elevation:  4800-6200 feet

    We are proud to offer this high quality coffee from El Salvador. A Peaberry coffee makes up less than 5% of the annual harvest. Inside the coffee cherry normally are two beans, round on the outside and flat in the middle. A peaberry is a single bean in the cherry that is round. It is said to intensify the flavor characteristics! This coffee will meet your expectations for a breakfast coffee to an after dinner coffee, one of our favorites!!

Customer Reviews

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Frederick C Varisto

El Salvador peaberry if not roasted correctly you will miss the chocolate Blueberry, raspberry, honey, over tones Blessed beans has Mastered it
This is the flavor that drew me to El Salvador peaberry 15 years ago Blessed Bean have matched this flavor perfecly thank you B.B.

Daryl Hall
First try of El Salvador Peabody coffee

First time I’ve tried the El Salvador Peabody coffee. It has a very good flavor. Nice aroma also.