BOURBON Barrel Aged coffee 12 oz.

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  Will be ready for shipment October 10, 2021 and will be available from then on!!!

Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is about to see that it has been 100 days in the barrel!!  WOW!!!  If you would like a bag or two for the Thanksgiving Holiday may we suggest that you order it the week of November 15th and if you would like to order for the Christmas time holiday please order the week of December 13th.  Thank you, you will love it.

Region: Central America  (Honduras)

Roast: Medium

Cupping Notes:  St. Petersburg Bourbon

  We have had many requests over the years to manufacture a Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee. So we have formed a partnership with St. Petersburg Distillery, the largest distillery in the State of Florida.

  The process is done over a period of time to create the best end result, from utilizing "wet" (recently dumped) bourbon barrels, selecting the right green unroasted bean to absorb the bourbon aroma, and the time consuming process of rolling the barrel often to make sure the coffee beans all are saturated with that bourbon aroma before they are removed and carefully roasted to perfection for your cup enjoyment!!  While the bourbon does its job the combination why we use a high quality El Salvador honey processed coffee bean is so there is a subtle coffee flavor in the cup.

This will be shipped USPS Priority Mail to guarantee delivery by the holiday.

NOTE:  the alcohol burns off in the roasting process!!

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