SWP Colombian Decaffeinated

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Region: South America

Roast:  Medium, Dark

Cupping Notes:  Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Orange

  "Do you desire all of the wonderful attributes of a great cup of Colombian coffee but could do without the caffeine? Our Swiss Water Processed Colombian decaf is the perfect answer. It is sweet with a strong body, snappy acidity and incredibly rich flavor.  It is a fair Trade coffee

Colombian coffee is widely known as one of the worlds best coffees. Colombia produces about 12 percent of the coffee in the world, second only to Brazil. While the Colombian Coffee Federation has done a commendable job in promoting the specialty coffees of Colombia, most of the Colombian coffees you find in supermarkets today are very poor examples of what a great cup of Colombian should taste (and smell) like. Freshly roasted Colombian coffee is rich in flavor, heavy-bodied, has a bright acidity and is intensely aromatic."