Emily's Blend *Customer Favorite*

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Region: South America

Roast:  Synergy Blend

  Our Emily's Blend is a customer favorite and for years  it is our number 1 selling coffee.  We start with a high elevation, quality dense Colombia Supremo coffee bean.  We do three different roasts and blend them together.  This signature blend is made up then of this single origin bean, light roasted, medium roasted, and dark roasted to product a cup you may drink any time of day. The light roast has a unique flavor and the most caffeine, the medium roast has its own flavor characteristics but brings the natural sweetness of the bean to the cup, and lastly the dark roast lends the boldness and aroma to the cup.



“Blend” is certainly the correct term to use in describing this coffee.  Looking at the images above, you can see the different levels of roasted beans that comprise this blend.  

Customer Reviews

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My favorite "plain" coffee

The flavored coffees from Blessed Bean are top notch but this Emily's Blend is my top choice for when I don't feel like a specific flavor. I am a picky coffee person (some people can drink it from anywhere because they just want the caffeine, but I only want it if I'm going to enjoy it) and this is the best, smoothest simple coffee flavor I've found. We always buy this particular one in bulk.

New local favorite!

Tried Emily’s Blend today! This will be my new local go to favorite for whole bean! Can’t wait til tomorrow morning to brew some more!!!

Eric Boehm
Favorite of my co-workers

Gave my co-workers a 16 oz bag of this coffee in ground form last Christmas and they stated they loved it. I am giving it to them as a gift for Christmas this year as well.

Ignatius Giaccone
Emily organic blend

When they say this is a customer favorite it is easy to see why. Robust hearty blend that you can enjoy whenever you brew it. I might be somewhat biased but I enjoyed almost every blend I have received from blessed bean and I will continue to purchase exclusively from them

Christie Chambers
Always awesome

Love this coffee!!