Eternity Blend

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Region: Central America, South America, Africa

Roast: Medium, Dark

This blend is simple and flavorful, a real crowd pleaser. Its medium acidity and full body are a perfect complement to the smooth chocolatey finish. 

It is a mix of Colombia, Honduran, and Ethiopian Coffees.

Colombian coffee is one of the most popular in the world for its smoothness and consistency.

Honduran is one of our favorites. Even though not many people know it, it's a truly beautiful coffee that has the perfect amount of natural flavor and robust quality, without being too much of anything. A perfect coffee to enjoy every day.

Ethiopian coffee is known for its chocolatey finish, rich body, and earthy notes.

Overall, this signature blend has a medium acidity and full body which are a perfect complement to that smooth chocolatey finish.

This is a Fair Trade Signature Blend. 

Signature Synergy Blends at Blessed Bean 
The term synergy is described as, "two or more discrete entities acting together where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts." Our Signature Synergy Blend Coffees combine two or more of our single origin coffees that complement one another and create something complex and beautiful. The result is magnificent! We create our coffee blends using different percentages of each coffee and at different roasts (dark, medium, or light) so you truly can only find them exclusively here at Blessed Bean. 

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constance smith
full flavored coffee

full flavored and very smooth

Robin Vogel

Organic Eternity Blend