Honduran SHG Marcala/San Marcos

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Region: Central America

Roast: Medium

Cupping Notes:

  Our Honduran SHG (Shade High Grown) Marcala or San Marcos is grown at an elevation above 4000' in the Copan Mountain region in the Western part of Honduras. We offer ths coffee as it is grown at a higher elevation than our SHG Ocotepeque and therefor it grows a little slower and the bean is a little more intense, more full bodied in the cup and like the Ocotepeque it is low on acid. This bean is one of our favorites and has long been promoted as a good starting point to try when first ordering coffee from us. After you try this as a base coffee then you may tell us what you would like different and we can advise you at that time on our other selections.

Customer Reviews

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Sherman Mun
San Marcos Coffee

Really dark, rich tasty coffee. Great if you need a heavy early afternoon cup full of deep coffee flavor and caffeine. Looking forward to getting the next bag when this one runs out.


Makes a good stovetop espresso

Craig Eberly
No so much

I give it only 2-3 stars for a medium roast I found it lacking in flavor and depth needing to add more grounds to make up for what it lacked

Honduran Ocotepeque medium roast

Simply a great coffee. Perfect for first cup in the morning. Smooth and enjoyable anytime throughout the day. Combines with dark roast flavors and gives balance to both.

I have been using this for couple years now and it is my favorite medium roast espresso. Recommend to all coffee lovers of true coffee tastes and all who enjoy coffee which titillates your olfactory coffee memory of neighborhood coffee roasters.

Excellent Tasting Coffee

Honduran San Marcos has become one of my favorite coffees! (I have to admit though, every time I try a different coffee from Blessed Bean Coffee, it becomes one of my favorites.) This coffee tastes so good! It's a rich and full bodied tasting coffee that is so smooth. After the "swallow," there's a subtle note of a flavor that I'm unable to define but tastes so good! This coffee will always stay in my coffee rotation. I drink this particular coffee every morning now.