Laos Natural Naga Boloven Plateau RFA 12 oz.

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Region: Asia

Roast: Medium

Cupping notes: Black cherry, Greek olive, sweet and savory, good intensity, syrah like

                                           Laos Naga  Boloven Plateau

    Laos Naga Coffee is a grade 1 Arabica that is fully washed with 14 and up screen size. The coffee is carefully selected from farmers with which we maintain long-term relationships in the Champasak region of the Boloven Plateau. Specifically, the coffee is grown from Paksong, the coffee capital of the Boloven Plateau, to the southern edge of the Plateau where the Nonglouang River cascades down the Tad Kameud Waterfall to the lowlands. The target cup profile for this coffee is Sumatran like cup with tobacco and herbal notes.

Nagas are considered natural spirits protecting bodies of water such as rivers, lakes,seas, springs, and wells. They bring rain, wealth and fertility. In the traditional Lao agricultural context, water provided to a plant at the time of planting is considered as a direct offering to the serpent god.    Consistent with the theme, our mesmerizing Lao Naga coffees are sourced from the best growing regions on the plateau. The farmers, mostly from Laven ethnic tribe,have been traditionally growing coffee for over a century since it was introduced in the region by the French colonists. The cherries that arrive at our wet processing mill on regular basis during the season are segregated based on growing regions. These coffee lots are separately pulped in our state of the art water-efficient Penagos wet mill the same night. Wet parchment is there after dried in isolated cocoons specially designed for the purpose. The resulting coffees are far superior in cup and aspect when compared to conventional coffees from Laos.


Rain Forest Alliance

REGION: Boloven Plateau




BAG TYPE: Grain Pro / Ecotact

Arrived:  August 10, 2019

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Anastasia todish

Absolutely fantastick coffee. Smooth vanilla tones without tasting weak or light