Lilah's Choice

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Region: South America, Island Oceania

Roast: Medium

Lilah's Choice is a blend of Fair Trade Peruvian Coffee blended with Fair Trade Sumatran coffee. 

We chose these two coffees for this blend for the smoothness and low acidity of the Sumatran and how it blends so perfectly with the earthy and fresh Peruvian Coffee. It's almost like having two cups in one as you first notice that Peruvian freshness, but the finish is all Sumatra smooth.  

What makes our coffee so special?

Small Batch Artisan Roasted - Our founder Robie roasts every bean to perfection! Over the past 20 years, he has turned his hobby into a passion and then a small business that continues to this day. More often than not, you can find him roasting coffee in our warehouse, watching the entire process every time.

Fresh Roasted - We roast all of our coffee in-house daily, and ship it freshly roasted to you, many times on the same day it was roasted! Fresh is better. Period. If you purchase coffee in a grocery store, it's often the same great quality coffee that you could get in a local roaster, but it's been sitting in a warehouse for awhile, and sitting on a shelf for who knows how much longer.

About Blessed Bean Coffee

We are a family-owned and operated small business, located in Longwood, Florida. What started as a curious hobby has become a passion and a way of life for us for well over a decade. We bring you the finest coffee from all over the world. Some are favorites, and some are unique or microlot that you won't find many other places. We love to try new coffees and to support small farms and co-ops. We thank you for your support and we strive to exceed your expectations with every order.