Nicaragua: El Recreo Estate

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We purchase this wonderful Nicaraguan coffee from Hector and Miriam and it is Miriam's family who own the coffee plantation in Nicaragua..We roast this according to your drinking pleasure and because of the quality they grow and harvest this bean is excellent as a Medium Roast to a Dark Roast.. ENJOY

El Recreo Estate Farm is a family owned and operated 364 acre plantation that has produced premium coffee for over 40 years.

The farm was owned by the Ferrey-Machado family back in 1972, but the land has grown coffee since 1905. 

 In 1992,  El Recreo Estate used reforestation to upgrade the land and start an era of farming. The increased growth of infrastructure allowed a high standard coffee quality harvest and opened the market to international markets. 

Since that time, and with a micro-climate that benefits an optimal environment for coffee growth, the estate has been a leader in promoting economic and social progress, keeping environmentally sustainable agricultural techniques. 

In late 2011, Miriam (daughter of farm owners) & Hector Morales founded El Recreo Estate Coffee, Inc. They are dedicated to bring this high quality coffee to you straight from the farm. 


Central America, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, in between Costa Rica and Honduras. Nicaragua is the biggest territorial country in Central America, with coastlines to the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Two important mountain ranges go across the country: the Central American Andes (from northwest to southeast) and a volcanic trend (on the western coast). The Managua and Nicaraguan lakes lie in between these mountain ranges. Its tropical climate provides much rain to the orient and a drier condition to the occident (where population is higher).

 Jinotega,  one of the biggest regions in the country, is located within an area called ‘The Coffee Triangle', at an altitude of 1,200 meters above  sea level. With valleys and high mountains, Jinotega is about 140 kilometers north from the capital city. The name ‘Jinotega’ comes from the word ‘náhualt’ meaning ‘town of jiñocuabos’. However, because of its usually foggy and template weather, Jinotega is commonly known as ‘The City of the Clouds’.

El Recreo Estate farm is located in a region known as ‘The Coffee Triangle’, at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. Its excellent climate provides temperatures of 59.5 – 77 ˚F. Nicaragua’s northern region is the most fertile in the country. The forests depend on rain water to stay green and prosperous.  Late afternoon rains are constant between May and December. During April and May, plantations are blooming with white flowers -- an unforgettable display you shouldn't miss!